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  1. For information on the products that we sell, visit the:
    1. Heirloom Plants and Flowers pages.
    2. Heirloom Furniture pages.
    3. Arts & Crafts pages.
    4. Dog Boarding Services pages.
  2. For information on how to contact us, visit the Contact Us page.
  3. For information about our company, please visit the About Us page.

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  1. Links:  It is common on web pages that when you click on a page link such as the "Arts & Crafts" link on this page, that the link will change color the next time you visit the page containing the link.  This is so you can easily see that you have visited the linked page before.  You will also notice this feature if you click on one of the above page links under "Site Navigation".
  2. Active Page Links:  The user can determine that a page link is active.  When passing the mouse over the link, it will either turn color or the Underline will turn color.

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  1. Accronym/Abbreviation Help.  Some accronymns/abbreviations may be spelled in all capital letter or upper and lower case letters. If these acronyms/abbreviations have an underline then by passing the mouse over the word, a popup help text will display showing the full meaning of the word.  For example, pass the mouse over this word and you will see the meaning of HVAC .

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