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"Wonderful area and beautiful landscaping bring back so many memories"

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The charm of yester-year lovingly restored.


Vanity Vanity.
This vanity set is very beautiful with large mirror and extra large decorative frame.  At some point, this vanity had been treated very roughly with nails, white house paint, tape, and gerally very shoddy repair techniques.  We lovingly restored this beautiful piece of furniture as near as possible to its original charm.  The entire vanity has been refurbished using original techniques.
[ ] $350.00     item#C123456789

Waterfall Vanity Waterfall Vanity and Bedroom Suite.
This charming bedroom suite comes complete with a waterfall vanity/dresser, chest of drawers, and full size bed frame to match.  Also included is a box spring and pillow top mattress to compliment your sleeping experience.  Bound to be an eye-catcher in any home, this suite will bring years of satisfaction to you and your family.
[ ] $910.99     item#C123456789

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