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"Wonderful area and beautiful landscaping bring back so many memories"

Heirloom Furniture

Beautiful, charming, and useful furniture sure to enhance any home.  These pieces have been fully restored as near as possible without compromising their charm of yester-year.  This means that they may still have dents, cracks, or discoloration.  But this is what adds to the value and beauty of these antique and older pieces.  You can buy plenty of new, cheap, furniture in your local furniture stores, but you won’t find many stores selling solid wood furniture like we use to make in the old days in America.

Whether you are looking for an investment or just something to add beauty and charm to your home, these pieces are sure to please.

Standalone Wardrobes

Both the Armoire and the chifferobe are found in many configurations and styles.   They are both tall, wooden, stand-alone cupboards featuring shelves for storage.   Unlike a traditional closet, they can be moved around as needed.   The most significant difference lies in the configurations.

An armoire -- also known as a wardrobe -- typically has two doors that open to a spacious storage area on top, with several shelves lining the bottom half of the cupboard.  Armoires sometimes feature two long drawers underneath the top cupboard.

A chifferobe combines a tall, narrow closet and chest of drawers into one unit for hanging clothes.  Sometimes, instead of drawers, a chifferobe offers a set of narrow shelves.

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Do you remember the good old days?
heirloom furniture
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Heirloom Vanities

Used and maybe abused but lovingly restored as near as possible to their original charm and beauty.


Pefect for for storing your childs extra clothing or as an added piece in your den or family room.

The term "chifferobe" was coined in the United States at the start of the 20th century, when Sears Roebuck debuted a version of it in the company’s seasonal catalog.  The new furniture style combined a chiffonier -- a French furniture piece featuring drawers -- and a wardrobe, creating a large movable cupboard used to store hanging clothing.  Sears declared the piece a novel invention; it was the first piece of furniture designed to hold both hanging and folded clothing.  Residents of the southern United States still use the term more commonly than in other parts of the country.  Various outlets manufacture and sell chifferobes today, in both custom and off-the-floor models.


Pefect for for storing your childs extra clothing or as an added piece in your den or family room.

The armoire originated sometime before the 16th century in Europe as a cupboard for storing tools or weapons.  This French word likely comes from the Latin "arma," which means "tools."  Andre-Charles Boulle, the cabinetmaker to King Louis XIV in the late 17th century, created the most impressive designs, with ornate carvings and embellishments befitting a king.  The styles evolved in the 17th century to feature bold, geometric accents.  Inexpensive, utilitarian armoire options are now available, as well as more expensive, intricately carved versions.

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