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Pine Hills Kennels
Pet Burial Services

We have a beautiful area set aside where your loving pet can be laid to rest.  The area nests below a small pond lined with hickory trees which are absolutely beautiful during the summer months.  You can visit the grave site at leisure to spend time with your loved ones.

Burial Services:

Several different types of burial services are available for you:

Type Burial

Type Service

Plot Location

Estimated Cost

Basic Services:




Direct Burial

No Service

Best Avail Loc


Custom Services:

Add cost to basic services



Wooden Casket +$00.00

Prayer Service +$000.00

Under Tree $00.00


Grave Marker +$00.00

Flower Spray* +$00.00

By Pond $00.00


Pet burial services are tailored to fit any budget while providing a peaceful serene environment to honor your loved and faithful pets.   Burial services are conducted with honor and dignity in keeping with the faithful service and love your pet has shown you over the years.   Direct burials include a beautiful soft blanket to cover the pet.  Flower sprays may be added depending upon season and availability.   Once your pet is interred into our beautiful environment, you are allowed access the grave site at any time during normal business hours (usually 0800 until dusk).  We lock the gates at dusk to provide security for our loved ones however, with prior arrangement, access may be granted at any time.

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