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Pine Hills Kennels
About Our Dog Care Services

Dog Boarding Personalized Care:

We provide personalized care and dog boarding services which includes excellent food, exercise, and loving attention.  We don’t just board your dogs, we provide them a loving home where they can feel comfortable and safe.

Our facilities include very large dog kennels where your dogs can romp and play and not feel cooped up.  We also allow the dogs to play in the yard where there is plenty of shade in the summer time and shelter in the winter.  Indoor dogs are kept inside durring inclement weather or at night.  We have large, comfortable, indoor crates for each dog and we can allow your dog to be with us in the Den and other areas of the house.

Burial Services:

We have a beautiful area set aside where your loving pet can be laid to rest.  The area nests below a small pond lined with hickory trees which are absolutely beautiful during the summer months.  You can visit the grave site at leisure to spend time with your loved ones.

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