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About Us

Southern Memories, LLC, was formed in 2015 to provide information, service, and heirloom products to our customers. We began as a part time effort to refurbish old furniture and grow heirloom flowers and vegetables. This business has expanded to include Dog boarding where we provide specialized and personalized care for each animal. Read more about this wonderful service under the "Services" drop-down menu.  In 2017, we merged our IT Tech services of application development and home design and building under the Southern Memories umbrella company.

Our Products:

All of our refurbished antique furniture and special craft products are available at our home plant in Fitzpatrick, Alabama. Some of these products will be featured in the catalog available on this web site (located under the “Products” menu). For a complete list, .....
You are welcome to visit our main office and view the displays section and the homemade crafts sections. .......

Antique Furniture:

You will undoubtably find many examples of antique furniture at various malls and antique shops throughout Alabama. Unlike many such shops, we specialize only in original productions which have been refurbished. We do not engage in the so-called "stressed" furniture or antique reproductions but believe in fully restoring used furniture as near as possible to its original beauty and glory. This means that some of the furniture may still show dents, nail marks, scratches, and other markings incurred over the years. These are pieces which were loved by many families and which many folks today grew up using as children. We invite you to view these pieces in ....


Products in our Crafts section may change from time to time and feature items lovingly crafted by ourselves and other local artisans. These may include such items as quilts, gardening decor, and hanging wall plaques. You will find examples of some of these items in our on-line catalog (located under the “Products” menu).

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