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Application Development Division

currently provides the following Web Site Services:

Web Site Development.

We work closely with our clients to determine what the customer wants, offer suggestions, and determine how best to implement the web site within budget.

Our Services:
We have the ability to create simple or complex web sites using a wide variety of network hosts, including Yahoo, Yola, Go Daddy, Network Solutions, or host of other well-known internet web page providers as well as coding in several different scripting languages including ASP, PHP, HTML, and Java script (depending upon the host requirements).

Development Tools and Portability:
Many of the internet service providers offer free web sites and tools to create your own web pages.  While they are often very good, some of them like to include advertisements and will remove them for a small additional fee.  Others are too complicated and many folks do not want to fool with them.  Some are just too restrictive to be much use.  Most are not portable between web site hosts or editors.  This means that if you decide to change where you keep your web pages, you must rebuild them entirely.

There are also several good commercial development tools for web sites but these are uusually very expensive, involve a lot of work to set up, generally require someone who has been trained on the tool to create or edit pages, may present some difficulties in publishing the web pages, and, again, usually not portable between editors.  Many companies and developers have opted to use some of these commercial tools then find out later that the cost of training the programmer and maintaining the site is far more than they expected.  While these tools do offer the convenience of quick page modifications once the page is set up, portability is sacrificed.

We Can Do It Cheaper:
With our development strategy, we ensure that your web pages are completely portable to almost any web site provider and totally maintainable by anyone who has a good knowledge of the programming language used such as HTML, ASP, or PHP using simple text editing tools such as Microsoft Notepad, Notepad+, VI Editors on a UNIX server, or Notetab Light (free) or Notetab Standard (available for a small fee from Fookes Holding Ltd.).  It is not necessary to have to hire and train someone on the development tool to continue to maintain your web site.  However, if you wish to maintain the site yourself, someone with knowledge in the basic program code would be recommended.  This could also add excessive cost to your web site budget.  We can generally develop and maintain your web site for far less than you can do it in-house.

Web Site Conversion:
As discussed above, there are many web site development tools available to users.  Some of these are very professional but very complicated.  We avoid using these types of tools because generally they involve proprietary coding techniques which are not transportable between editors.  If you currently have a web site that was built using one of these tools, it may be necessary to recode the pages to make them more portable.  We have experience converting many different web site web host and commercial tool proprietary formats and almost always we can retain the original look and feel if desired by the customer.

Support and Maintenance:
Unlike many web site designers, we will not "capture" you web site and force you to pay more to maintain it.  When the web site is finished, you will have full access to the content and will completely own the web site and any domain names established in the process.

We do offer our clients the ability to maintain the web site for a small monthly fee.  Many clients do not have the time nor the personnel to keep their site current.  We will maintain close communication with you or your representative to ensure that your web site always reflects your current needs and interest. We can usually create and maintain the web site far cheaper than a small company can do so in-house.

--Richard Bloomdahl, Manager and CEO

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