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Application Development
Oracle Programming Services

Application Development Division

currently provides the following Oracle Design, Development, and Database Services:

Oracle Design & Development.

Oracle Forms and Reports:
This includes analyzing and recommending effective use of triggers, procedures (program units), libraries, and menus.
We can analyze and recommend screen and report design which will enhance user understanding and effectiveness of the application.

Oracle Database Design and Implementation:
This includes analyzing functional requirements to determine the best mix of tables, views, stored procedures, and storage/retrieval options for data. This also includes analyzing any existing database and database objects to determine if improvements can be made.

Program documentation.

This includes user manuals, specifications, installation guidelines, and software development documents. Documents can be developed to Government or company proprietary specifications.

Unit Testing.

This includes taking the customer’s set of test plans and conducting tests of individual products or processes or developing test plans based upon customer application development specifications or functional requirements. This can also include developing peer and programmer checklists to help ensure that products are developed in a standardized and efficient manner.

--Richard Bloomdahl, Manager and CEO

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