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Application Development

Our Company:

Our application development business (originally, IT Tech, LLC) was formed in 2009 to formalize support that we were already providing other companies for over 20 years.  Our division is based out of Bullock County and is about 20 minutes east of Montgomery, Alabama.  In 2017, we included this business under our new company, Southern Memories, LLC.

Our Support Policies:

We are an equal opportunity employer.  We select people who are loyal, dedicated, and uncompromising in their work ethics.  Our people are experts in their career fields and work together as a team to provide the best support possible.   Support personnel for a particular task will be selected based upon the needs of the individual customer.  To meet this objective, we will assure that the most current and expert support possible is provided.  Team members confir with each other regularly to discuss issues and determine ultimate solutions.

We recognize that time is money so we work quickly and effectively to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of the customer’s requirements. However, we also recognize that many factors can effect effective and economical project completion and where appropriate we will offer recommendations for additional needed analysis or support.  IT Tech has a firm policy of commitment and quality to our customers.  We will work hard to provide the customer the best support possible.

Our Application Development Services:

We currently have two divisions to incorporate the diversified functions provided by the founders.  For more information about these divisions and our qualifications refer to The Application Development Division and to the The Family Homes Division .

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