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In 2005, the founders formed Pine Hills Estates, LLC, to develop the Pine Hills Estates subdivision on some of the most beautiful land in the Bullock County area.   Unfortunately,the economy began to turn and this project was placed on hold.  However, in 2007, the Pine Hills Estates, LLC, developed their first energy efficient home on a small hill overlooking the area.  The view is breathtaking, with large groves of hickory, gum, pine, and a small pond.  In 2009, this home was featured in the Montgomery Herald for its beauty, energy efficiency, and epitomizing the concept of "Going Green".

In 2009, the Pine Hills Estates, LLC, was incorporated as a division of the Family Homes Division of IT Tech, LLC.  In 2016, it was merged into the new Southern Memories, LLC company.  The goal is to fill a niche in the home building industry for incorporating energy conservation concepts into family home construction. In many parts of the country, energy conservation has advanced considerably with emphasis on wind, solar, and other passive methods of generating, using, and conserving energy.  However, in some parts of the country, home design is more enfluenced by building cost and appearance rather than energy savings.

Our Goals and Objectives:

It is our belief that a well constructed family home can be both beautiful and energy conservative.  In 2007, we undertook the challenge to prove this concept and brought together a number of current technological concepts. We created our first home which we live in today.  Our 5400 sq ft home is spacious, beautiful, and energy efficient.  Last year, our electric bills averaged just under $300 a month with the coldest months between 450 and 550. Because of family health problems, we keep the house at a comfortable 75 to 76 degrees.  How many homes do you know that experience that kind of comfort for such a low cost?

Our primary objective is to provide expert analysis and support to families wishing to build their own homes, remodel existing homes, and incorporate energy efficient concepts.  Costs for some of these technologies may be more than the conventional "construction grade" homes but the results in the long run will be well worth the effort.

Our Support Policies:

Our home division will provide services ranging from consultation on home design to actually designing and building the home.  We currently have over a 100 acres of prime country land that we are planning to develop and will make these homes available as we are able to complete construction.  Customers who are interested in one of these home or wish to select a home site and choose among energy efficient designs are encouraged to contact us at the email address below.

Our home division has a firm policy of commitment and quality to our customers.  We will work hard to provide the customer the best support possible.

We are an equal opportunity employer.  We select people who are loyal, dedicated, and uncompromising in their work ethics.  Our people are experts in their career fields and work together as a team to provide the best support possible. Support personnel for a particular task will be selected based upon the needs of the individual customer.  To meet this objective, it is possible that we will provide assistance from various departments in order to assure that the most current and expert support possible is provided.  Team members confir with each other regularly to discuss issues and determine ultimate solutions.

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