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Cautions and Rules


1. Muddy Areas.  Some of the areas in the park are wet and very soft.  These areas can be very deep with soft mud/sand.  Exercise caution when trying to cross these areas.

2. Poison Snakes..  We do have various poison snakes on the property (as you will find in most of southern Alabama).  Be very cautious.  Snakes love water so be particularly cautious when fishing or when moving around tree stump piles.  These snakes include:
 a. Water Moccasins.  These snakes are also known as cotton mouths because of their white mouths.  They do not have rattles and may be very aggressive.
 b. Timber Rattlers.  These snakes may range from dark gray to copper color.  They generally range up to about 4 feet with fat bodies and narrow tails.  will generally try to avoid any conflict and will move away if you leave them alone.
 c. Copper Heads.  These snakes may be anywhere from very dark gray to almost black to lighter colors with a copper tone.  They have no rattles and are more aggressive than the timber rattler.
 d. Eastern Diamond Backs.  We have not seen eastern diamond backs but they have been known to be in the mid Alabama area.

3. Non-Poisonous Snakes.  We also have a number of non-poisonous snakes on the property.  Most of which will not bother you if you leave them alone.  These include:
 a. King Snake.  Please leave them alone.  They keep other snakes away.  Here they are generally black with small white dots.
 b. Rat Snake or Chicken Snake..  These are generally light gray with the letter Z type of patterns.  They can be up to 6 feet or more in length.
 c. Garden Snakes.  These range in different colors from gray to green.

4. Turtles.  We have several different types of turtles here in the park.  Some of them are very docile but a few may be more aggressive.  These include:
 a. Box Turtles.  These will generally leave you alone and are found mostly in the dryer areas.  Please do not hurt these turtles.
 b. Snapping Turtles. These will bite you and could take a finger off.  Exercise caution with fishing and if you hook one be sure to wear gloves and use a pliers to remove the hook.  You may kill these turtles if absolutely necessary.
 c. Terrapin Turtles.  The pond is abound with these kind of turtles.  They are very invasive and you should remove any you see or catch.  They look just like the ones you use to see in the pet stores with green and white coloring.  We have some the size of dinner plates.

5. Poison plants.  We have poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac on the property.  We will be happy to provide you information on these plants if you are not familiar with them.  The best bet is to avoid them and not walk near them as the oils can linger on your clothing and shoes and you could touch them and rub them on your body later.

6. Clothing.  Riders and hikers are expected to wear protective clothing at all times.  It is recommended that riders and hikers wear a good pair of boots to protect your feet from stickers, thorns, and possible snakes.  Riders should wear regulation approved helmets and gloves.


1. Cattle Grazing.  Cattle may be grazing in the park. Please do not disturb or harass them.

2. Fenced Area.  Please do not go beyond the fenced in area of the park.  Surrounding areas are owned by various farmers and we do not have permission to use those areas at this time.

3. Endangerment..  Please do not engage in any activity which endangers yourself or others.  This includes fighting, ramming, malicious pranks, etc.

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