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"Beautiful rolling hills, trees, and ponds sure to bring wonderful memories of your family trail rding experience"
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Family 4-Wheeler Sports Park and Farm
Fun For The Whole Family
Park Admission Office:

     667 County Road 37
     Fitzpatrick, AL 36029
     (334) 584-7986

Cost for Admission:

     $25 per ATV
          Good for Trail riding, hiking, fishing, and/or picknicking

     $20 per family without an ATV
          Good for hiking, fishing, and/or picknicking only

About the Park:

Our Family 4-Wheeler Sports Park and Farm provides over 30 acres of trail riding on rolling pine tree hills and ponds. (An additional 100 acres will be available in future.) 4-wheel ATVs only - no racing ATVs, motor bikes, dune buggies, trucks, or street vehicles at this time.

The entry fee for admission is per vehicle or family and is regardless of the amount of time a rider/family stays in the park.  No refunds.  The admission fee also includes picnicking and fishing privileges.

At least one responsible adult over the age of 18 must be present and responsible for the family; a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children per ATV vehicle. (Some exceptions may apply.  Please check with the park admission office for additional information.)

If a family desires to just visit, walk the trails, fish, or picnic without an ATV admission, the entry fee will be on a per family basis.

Additional activities sure to bring fun to the whole family include a petting zoo and challenge events.

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